Jordan Collins

Friend of Steve Dean and Tara Byrne.

Came to the cookie party and to Open Brain at Amanda Espiritu‘s.

I have since seen her at many different events, including Salon and OBxPDN.

She grew up in New Jersey. She has a sister who will finish her senior year of high school and just got into the New School to study art. Her sister did something called the Pep squad (?) or something like that, where they could discuss sexuality and relationships.

Wed Mar 21 2018

She works at TED with the general counsel.

Mon Mar 26 2018

She has two sisters, both younger. Her parents met at a wedding (her father knew the groom, her mother knew the maid of honor or took part as the maid of honor?). Her father eventually came out as gay, something his mother couldn’t accept.

Her father climbed Kilimanjaro after feeling intensely unhappy while working at a bank in Chicago. He had a religious experience at the peak of the mountain and returned with an idea of how to live his life in a more conscious way.

Mon Apr 02 2018

She has a doll named Peen and a doll named Saffi. She once shook her pet fish as a child.

Thu Apr 05 2018

She had a series of lovers. In middle school a guy named Nick. Most recently in college someone named Ben? An Israeli guy who rocked her world. A lacrosse player who really wanted to have sex with her, but she didn’t want to have sex during that time.

Her dad’s parents both passed away during a time she spent in Israel. Her grandfather seemed really scared to die, when her dad witnessed. Her dad has some anxiety around dying right now.

Fri Apr 20 2018

She fell in love with a man named Halim that she met through TED. Her friend Jess had sex for the first time recently. She will work from her boss’s home, and she knows her boss’s children.