Kelsey Amick

Fri Feb 09 2018

Her grandmother passed away before she got to tell her everything she wanted to say.

She has struggled with depression at times.

She gets triggered by Pooja Pani.

A day after she told herself that she felt she deserved for someone to try and love her and reactivated her OkCupid she went on her first date with [Steve D

Thu Jan 04 2018

She loves musicals. She considers Reefer Madness her favorite film musical.

She has a tattoo from a musical (Next to Normal?) on her back.

She has seen Hamilton twice, including a lottery win that she took Steve to.

Thu Dec 28 2017

From Colorado.

Works as a special ed teacher at Broome Academy.

Likes to smoke pot, has a rhino pipe and likes gorilla glue.

Polyamorous. One of Steve Dean’s partners.

Sun May 21 2017

Has dyed red hair.

Mon Aug 14 2017

Has returned from Malaysia recently. Considers herself Steve’s primary partner.