Melissa Schwartz

My former coworker at DBC. Current love interest.

Mon Jun 10 2019

Some fantasies: men in uniform, sex in risky places, rope/restraint sex.

Thu Oct 26 2017

Her parents split after she had turned three. They had a custodial agreement that kept them within 10 miles of each other. Melissa had to keep two sets of clothes because she had to go between her parents. She stayed with her dad Sunday through Thursday. Her dad wanted her but her mom apparently didn’t really. Her mom sounds fanatical about fitness and just wants to work out and not take care of kids.

She tends to feel attracted to narcissistic men who need reassurance of their worth.

Her exs: Henry (personal trainer living in Pennsylvania, college boyfriend), Adam (college boyfriend, Zack broke her up), Zack, Vic, and Mike.

Mon Apr 17 2017

Her parents divorced. She has a half sister, part black, named Rochelle. She also has a sister named Jessica (15, diagnosed with epilepsy, really likes to read)

Her dad smokes pot.

She worked as a personal trainer.

Currently works as the office manager at DBC.

Lives with Missy (Melissa) Wimberly and Erica

Sun Feb 26 2017

Going to Thailand on Friday March 3rd. Going to Shambhala Aug 11 – Aug 14, 2017 this year with Carl Her grandmother still pays $1500/mo in maintenance despite owning her apartment. 1BR in the upper west side?