A personal pantheon. A mythos.

Vulcan (Mars in Taurus)

Roman god of fire and steel. God of the forge. Short and muscular, with a dark black beard and bald head. Wears deep brown smithy-leather. Able to craft intricate, strong weaponry and traps. Reliable and slow burning. The controlled flame. The constructive fire. The furnace. The blowtorch or laser. The mastery of fire.

Call upon him for strength, for the blessing of material labors, for creation and invention. For daily labors. For fortitude. For war, waged deliberately. For the creation of weapons and armor.

Known as Hephaestus to the Greeks.

Moona (Moon in Taurus)

The Moon mother of bovines. Youthful welcoming mother with large bosom, long silver hair, wearing a flowing dark green dress. Inviting and enticing. Nurturing and caring for all. The benevolence and docility of cows. Patroness of all dairy products. Soothes the physical body.

Married to Vulcan, together they build a secure and welcoming home. They form a domestic partnership. Not a passionate relationship, but a sensible one.

Call upon for compassion. For hospitality, for daily kindness. For nurturance and healing.

Merlin (Saturn in Aquarius)

Young at heart old man with a long white beard and long white hair in a dark blue robe, gazing into a crystal ball. A Daoist sage of the Western tradition. Legendary advisor to King Arthur.

Call upon for clarity of purpose, for focus on the big picture, for humanitarian concerns, for objectivity and dispassion, for emotional control, for fairness.