Nereids Orphic Hymn

Daughters of Nereus, resident in caves merg’d deep in Ocean, sporting thro’ the waves;
Fanatic fifty nymphs [Nymphai Einalioi], who thro’ the main delight to follow in the Triton’s train,
Rejoicing close behind their cars to keep; whose forms half wild, are nourish’d by the deep,
With other nymphs of different degree leaping and wand’ring thro’ the liquid sea:
Bright, wat’ry dolphins, sonorous and gay, well pleas’d to sport with bachanalian play;
Nymphs beauteous-ey’d, whom sacrifice delights, send rich abundance on our mystic rites;
For you at first disclos’d the rites divine, of holy Bacchus and of Persephone,
Of fair Calliope from whom I spring, and of Apollo bright, the Muse’s king.