Nt Time Proposal

Phase 2 Curriculum Update:

  1. Teaching other teachers in NYC about Postgres.app
  2. Changing Phase 2 week 1+2 to have some longer continuous projects that build on each other (responding to student feedback).
  3. a. Introduce a challenge having multiple user roles e.g. users and administrators. Administrators can delete and edit any user’s articles.
  4. b. Introduce JavaScript kata. Small drills involving jQuery to help people learn the best ways to use jQuery selectors.
  5. c. Introduce a challenge that encourages/requires students to use Sinatra’s before filters.
  6. Teaching other teachers about ‘request.xhr?’ in Sinatra, rendering partial templates.
  7. Replace “deaf grandma” challenge in Phase 2.
  8. Replace “Sinatra sandbox” challenge in Phase 2.
  9. Update authentication challenges to use hassecurepassword
  10. Update all Phase 2 week 3 challenges involving secret keys to use Dotenv. Teach other teachers about Dotenv.