Olivers Project

  • Need to take down some photos
  • Remove the career page
  • Remove the image above the three tabs.
  • Get rid of the four slide show pictures
  • New picture at the top of Our Story page

8062, 8073, 8726 for the last picture

first image: 8073 0269 7216 8726

8205 for our story.

Hey David,

I removed the image on the main page between the triad and the product images, and I’ve removed the link from the Career page for now. Steve or I will replace the images once we have a moment to crop them to the right size and upload them to Shopify.

Last night we discussed how we’d like to do payments moving forward. You can send Steve the check for the remaining amount on the mobile site project.

I think that project based pricing made a lot of sense when we first started working together, because you needed the website out on a tight deadline. Lately we’ve done an iterative step-by-step process, which I feel we all enjoy. I don’t think it makes sense for any of us to price that process on a project basis anymore because we don’t know how long a project will take, so we feel hard pressed to set a price that feels fair for all of us.

I feel that you would prefer to have us on retainer whenever you need us, and we would like to provide that service for you. Moving forward we’d like to offer you a $45/hour flat rate with biweekly invoices. We now have more experience and feel confident in our ability to track hours, and I feel this would allow you to manage your budget easier as you can have us work on a project for as long as you think necessary to fit your own cost/benefit analysis.

I think this will mutually benefit everyone, let us know what you think and how you feel about it.