Omote Gyaku

The way I have been practicing is I am in shizen as is my opponent. My opponent has grabs me by the collar, and is preparing to pull me and punch me. For ease of writing, we’ll assume he grabs me with his left hand.

As he grabs me, I match his hand with my left hand by simply bringing it up and placing it gently on his hand. As he is about to pull and strike me I perform several actions in parallel:

  1. Drop into ichimonji to the left, so that my weight is on my left foot, my hips are facing him.
  2. Grab his hand so that our forearms connect.
  3. Twist my spine so that my torso faces the left.

The desired effect is that his arm is lifted and his shoulder is pushed towards his face and his balance is put onto one leg. (Note, it is very important that you go under his arm, and then up. Simply pushing his arm sideways will not achieve the desired effect. This is why it is vital to drop, connect, and move).

Once the opponent is off balance, rip his hand off, but not with your arms. Synchronize dropping the body and pushing his hand up, and his hand will come off. From here turn into ko ichimonji, pulling his arm over your head as if it were a sword and you were doing dai jodan.

To be continued…