1. I will serve mankind to the best of my ability.
  2. I will respect my own body and mind.
  3. I will love my fellow man.
  4. I will learn something new.
  5. I will progress as a human being from the previous day.
  6. I will recognize my failures and mistakes.
  7. I will internally and externally express thanks for my existence.
  8. I will practice key tenets of Stoicism, Zen and whatever philosophies logically and empirically prove valuable to me.
  9. I will willfully face discomfort and embrace it.
  10. I will meditate.
  11. I will approach the known and unknown bounds of physical and mental exertion.
  12. I will use empiricism and the scientific method in my decision making.
  13. I will cherish and appreciate the beauty of each moment.
  14. I will reflect on my own mortality.
  15. I will, upon waking up, conquer negative emotions that result from biological conditions.
  16. I will bring enthusiasm and energy to my craft.
  17. I will overcome fears of insubstantial things in favor of love for substantial ideas.
  18. I will think before speaking.
  19. I will compete and work for the qualities of life I judge to be important.
  20. I will fluidly adjust my consciousness to the new data I gather from experience.
  21. I will reframe problems into smaller problems.
  22. I will document events in brief and attempt to encapsulate lessons for those who follow me and I never meet in life; those generations that succeed me after my death.
  23. I will remember our planet’s finite existence, and the urgency of embracing our singular, unique opportunity on earth.
  24. I will observe and experience without bias.