Phase 1 Notes

ILUVU Rock Doves,

Call me Bunday. I will act as your Phase Lead for this phase. Steven Cassidy will follow U through the entire nine week program as your Cohort Lead. The two of us feel thrilled at the opportunity to teach U together.

U may find the Phase Guide, your home page for the duration of this phase, here:

I sent each of U an invite to join the Rock Doves organization on Github. Please accept that and take a look around.

As a fellow Rock Dove I will do my best to model the following values: Reliability, Openness, Courage, Kindness, Diligence, Optimism, Veracity, and Efficiency.

U can read about me here:


Ruby Racer Todos Micromon / Psychemon Maze Solver Chess


Do challenges again in JavaScript

Incorporate Unix

Way more Data Structures

Replace Deaf Grandma with Therapist

cat head ls -R grep find yes touch file ?? wc sort ?? ps ??

Implement Lisp in Ruby.