Plagiarize Me

If you wish to make me very happy, you will plagiarize me.

I want to achieve maximum transmission of my ideas by any means possible. I see plagiarism as an excellent means of transmission. My ideas will have greater impact if people hear them from a variety of different sources. Should you choose to steal my ideas you should most definitely claim that you invented them. In that way the ideas will seem more commonplace and easier to accept.

I believe that our ideas have a greater life than ourselves. Richard Dawkins helpfully pointed out that ideas carry all the signs of life, and I consider them a more evolved life form. We should not keep our ideas under lock and key, we should allow them to roam free. My ego should not interfere with the spread of my own ideas.

Taking this stance does, however, encourage my own individuality and total expression. If I write in a way that people find unmistakably distinct and true to me, then even if people plagiarize me, people will always know that I birthed such ideas. But I find this a minor benefit. I chiefly aim for my ideas to disseminate widely, and you can help me, and make yourself look better by taking any idea of mine that strikes your fancy.

I consider the most influential people those whose sayings we have so heavily plagiarized that we consider their thoughts “idioms”, common expressions that we hear so often we take them as truth.

I want lovers everywhere. I want nuddhists everywhere. I care not whether people remember me.

I do not consider this a radical stance. Sometimes I feel shocked at the lengths authors will go to “protect” their work from distribution into the public. They sabotage their own creations’ attempts to spread and reproduce. You will always find my writing available for free online, and I grant you license to distribute it under any name and any form.