We should steal from Medium, Draft, and Zenpen.

Plan of attack: First just build CraftyCritiquer and start using it on /r/writing

Places Medium can use improvement:

  1. The history view sucks
  2. Comments on paragraphs not on sentences
  3. Lack of focus on collaboration
  4. Doesn’t help writers earn money
  5. Beautiful display. Port over good interface aspects from zencephalon.
  6. Use sentence based commenting as we developed with prosedy and tactful tokenizer. Consider the selection range based commenting later.

Use this:

See this thread:!msg/meteor-talk/ouIORrR4pqU/FhnD4n4vQM0J

  • Create a rails backend with decoupled editors
  • Create an API for persisting documents and logging in users
  • Create lots of editors
  • Create document annotator/commenter