Seven days, seven colors, seven chakras, seven metals.

  1. Gold - Sun - Apollo
  2. Silver - Moon - Artemis
  3. Tin - Jupiter - Zeus
  4. Copper - Venus - Aphrodite

We the people elect Aliza, Philosopher Queen, to direct us in a harmonious and maximally mutually beneficial way. MMB

It is I, the Writer, who acts as the Scribe for this momentous occasion, of which much will be written in the future. Allow me to channel you. The Liar, the Inventor, the Teller of Tales. The

I salute thee Programmer, the Progenitor of Grammars, to work in concert with me, the Writer and Speaker of the Word. I shall serve thee well as thy Messenger, magnificent Meta-Magician, Mathematician. My thanks to you, may we endlessly recur and may our processes dance in concert.

The Climber, the Mover, the Martial Artists.

The Healer, the Lover, the Reproductive Urge. The Buddhist. The Christian.

The Innocent Child, the Cynic.

The Magician, the Sorcerer, The Mage, the Adept.

The Survivalist, the Pragmatist.

The Idealist.

The Sociopath. The Extrovert. The Introvert.

A day for Worship.

Time for each, in each day. A day for each. One for all, all for one. The only way an organization or organism can function. All for One, One for All

All for One, One for All, All for One, One for All, All for One. All One. One All.

The Chef.

Taijutsu practice every day. Programming every day. Journal every day. Meditate every day.

So… I guess basically keep doing what we have been doing. Clearly a lot more thought is necessary.