The very best cohort yet.

Instead of IKE, RKeNg. Responsibility, Kindness, Engagement. Naming has great importance. Only two hard problems.

Talk about Responsibility versus Integrity. I want responsibility.

Talk about Engagement vs Effort. I want Engagement. I want people to get the most out of their utility curves. I don’t want people going for diminishing returns. Talk about Laziness as a virtue HOWEVER it must involve Engaged Laziness (Efficiency) not disengaged laziness (Sloth).

Introduce myself. College dropout: 2 years later $120k from Sailthru.

Definition of Programming: The ART and SCIENCE of causing CHANGE in conformity to WILL.

ART because it involves Coagula. Science because it involves Solve.

The power of self-definition. Destroying the effects of labeling theory on us. Talk about the way previous cohorts manifested their cohort personalities. Talk about the cultural associations around raccoons. Redefine raccoon.

Raccoon: Responsible, Awesome, Caring, Careful, Ordered, Open, Nice

Bring Tenacity in and talk about refactoring and “perfection”.

Space VS Time, the fundamental battle.