Reply To Unainomnia

Hey UnaInOmnia,

Apologies for how long it has taken me to reply. I wanted to give U a full rundown of just how helpful this has proven and thank U for your wonderful gift. Overall this has had a hugely positive influence on my daily life. I really appreciate the time and effort U clearly put into this analysis and I hope I can do it justice through my daily practice. Thank U again for showing me your ability.

I feel interested in the 6 month transit too, in case U feel willing to do that at this point in time.

I actually don’t have many questions from this, but I think I would from that. In what U’ve already written to me everything just struck such a deep chord that I only have one question: can U teach me astrology or point me in the right direction towards learning it?

“Your fire planets give you a hot, dry nature, and your earth planets give you a cold, dry nature: therefore there is an abundance of dryness. This can be balanced by drinking lots of filtered water, and eating moist fruits and vegetables with every meal; otherwise, rigidity of body and mind may result; the formation of stones; or hardening of the joints and arteries. Stretch every day, and make sure not to sit for long periods. Avoid processed foods, and eat virgin oils such as olive and coconut. If you can spend time near or on bodies of water, this will also help soothe your dry temperament.”

I work by the Hudson River so I have started going to the riverside during my breaks. I’ve also started to meditate on the fountain in Washington Square Park. I feel that both practices have had a beneficial effect on my disposition. I’ve begun to incorporate more fresh fruit and vegetables in my diet too, thanks to my local farmer’s market.

I found your description of my elemental nature quite accurate. I do make my living from working on difficult abstract problems.

“Your Saturn is very highly dignified, and its position in your natal grand cross dominates your chart, so your tendency to work in a context that seems to imprison you with worry, delay and responsibility is balanced by an inborn talent to succeed in matters where others would fear to even make an attempt.”

I found this very funny. I do always “trap” myself in work places where I hold a lot of responsibility. Without that feeling I feel like they don’t really need me. I never realized this until U brought it up.

“These include: math, computer programming, cooking gourmet meals, fixing and building machines, and engineering.”

I did have the good fortunate to have a precociousness for mathematics and programming which has served me very well to this day.

“You’ll find that you have an intuition about practical matters that you can’t quite explain.”

I have found this. I’ve got a knack for putting physical objects together in useful combinations.

“Neptune trine Moon gives you a rich imagination, and Uranus trine Moon gives you an attraction to futuristic and technical things. Sci-fi/fantasy may be enjoyable, and since you’re so serious you would also research the historical basis for magical ideas.”

I enjoy writing and reading science fiction.

“Your greatest enemy is inertia. Once you begin a project you’re unstoppably persevering, but it can be easy to get in a comfortable rut, and you should make sure you’re always tackling another mountain.”

I found this very good advice.

“Many people with these three planets in mutual aspect seem to be on the autism spectrum in my experience, is that true for you? It’s likely that you feel held back emotionally and devote your energy to projects, possibly painting, writing or music, or something equally solitary and creative.”

I’ve never had a diagnosis as such but I do solitude when I can get it. A major area of work on myself for the past several years has involved becoming more of a people person, so I believe I have balanced that aspect of myself somewhat.

“I get the idea that frustrations or duties involving brothers and sisters, running errands, dealing with correspondence, getting around town, physical health issues like breathing and vision, and possibly a problem your mom has (Parkinson’s is very Saturnian for example, or a mental health issue) may keep you tied down with a sense that you can’t go too far in case you’re needed, or in case you need someone else. But at the same time you may feel rejected and unappreciated. I kind of picture you taking care of a whole family as if you were the parent even though you’re young, or in some way being blamed, or at least stuck with the consequences of, a misfortune that befell them. You love your home and family very much, but you may feel tied to it too tightly also.”

I did shoulder a financial burden for my family in order to make sure my three younger siblings would have an easier life than I did. I definitely began to feel the pressure to succeed and provide for my family from a young age. As early as 10 as I recall.

“You may worry about planning out your life, in case things go wrong and you’re stuck for decades dealing with a responsibility that you find exhausting. So you’re risk-averse, maybe not by choice, but also yearn to be able to shine as an individual, as a Sun in Leo person.”

Very true.

Your advice concerning the Saturn-Moon I found very resonant. I did a lot of healing on that front a few years ago and feel so much better now. I definitely resented and pitied myself for the childhood I had, but I have come to see my background as a strength that I can draw upon.

“Okay, next is Mercury retrograde square Saturn. This simply means you have a love of the obscure, antique, mysterious, and serious, and you put a lot of work into your craft. On the plus side, Venus is conjunct your Mercury, and if you feel blocked in one area things flow with lucid brilliance in another. Beautiful lyrics and poetry would be good for you; you should learn an instrument; you should take up an artform. It will change your life for the better. Saturn opposite Venus means you could be intimidated by the highly technical and virtuoso skill you’d like to achieve, but go for it anyway.”

I appreciated hearing this. I have begun to play the melodica while I wait for my hang drum to arrive. I think I will greatly enjoy having music in my life.

“Saturn opposite Venus and square your Moon could make relationships with women somewhat uncomfortable. Perhaps you like flambouyant Venus-in-Leo type women, but are too shy to approach them since they seem like goddesses.”

I found this advice helpful and resonant.

“Do you have any interest in illustrating occult graphic novels btw?”

I do. I find graphic novels my favorite medium and have certainly read a fair number of occult graphic novels.

“You know how much trouble the world is in, how imperiled our future is; you don’t hide in shallow diversions and pretend all that is happening somewhere else, to someone else.”

I definitely feel that motivation as a call to improve myself for the sake of the world.

“Pluto square Mercury and opposite Luna makes you a natural psychologist, specifically because you see beneath appearances to the hidden source of phenomena, including human motivation.”

Yes, I definitely have a sense for people’s motives.

“Okay, to sum up, you’re a structured and methodical thinker with a creative and artistic streak, and you have a lot of opposite, contrary tendencies to reconcile. You’re both self-denying and luxurious, for example. You’re reserved but filled with an inner passion. Feeling torn between conflicting tendencies can sometimes make you feel stuck. You might look for a glamorous, quicksilver person to inspire or lead you out of this rut. You need to take better care of yourself, and surround yourself with water to make up for its lack of emphasis in your nativity. This wateriness includes love and compassion!”

A good summary!

“Oh, I should mention people fear you because you notice their mistakes. It might be prudent not to actually point them out to coworkers, though, unless you work in quality control; their egos, once bruised, may turn them into enemies.”

Yeah, I don’t even need to point out mistakes. I’ve become very nice about it, because noticing mistakes all around me used to make me feel cynical. I found that simply doing something better where they can observe me allows them to correct the mistake without loss of face. As U mentioned, I’ve definitely found surprisingly amounts of power in positive speech.

“Some will take it as a challenge eeven when you’re not starting anything, and you may find yourself in the middle of a pissing contest without knowing how you got there.”

I will keep my eye out for this. I’ve started to notice this myself as a result of my martial arts training. It seems other people can sense the training I’ve had (so I need to work on better concealing it) and react to it.

“Your Mars is opposite Pluto, giving it extra power from the subterranean depths. You may be content to stay still and placid for awhile, but eventually something from deep within you erupts, sometimes to devastating effect. Nevertheless your burn is a slow and steady burn, and some may think you’re indolent when really you’re just biding your time. Mars in Taurus is also very sexy in that earthy physical way that loves to possess what he desires. You like a lover you can count on, someone who always wants you and who loves both your body and their own. Head games are not going to work on you. As far as you’re concerned, if they don’t know what they want then they don’t deserve you.

A lot of resonances here.

“Mars trine your Sun gives your chart a nice balance since Saturn aspects so many of your planets. In effect, you more feminine planets, Luna and Venus, are tied down by restrictive Saturn energy, while your masculine Sun is given the focus and drive of Mars. This is another way you may feel as though you have a contradictory nature: one part of you somewhat conservative and withdrawn, another part filled with a zest for life and a visionary sense of the good and true that scorns the limits of the practical and safe and wishes to lead others into a brighter future. I would say, let each part of you have its turn expressing itself and honor it on its own terms, because all have something valid to offer in the right context.”

I found this summary very useful as well.