Ryan Mather

Studied Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design

He introduced Erica Du to Learning Garden, a slack community for education design.

He has a startup idea called Electives that helps people organize classes over the internet.

He has a RPG that he intends to create a Kickstarter for. Two of the races include an Ent style race and a single celled organism.

He studied several years of Chinese in school and worked in China for a year, and he had a Chinese girlfriend name Chloe, who came from a family with a lot of money. They eventually broke up.

Mon Feb 05 2018

His father cheated on his mother with an ex of his, and they eventually got married.

Ryan has run several half marathons.

Mon Jan 22 2018

His father teaches fluid dynamics. He has a favorite Chinese idiom “a boat will straighten itself to go under a bridge” which he had done in calligraphy for his dad.

Sun Jan 21 2018

Senior designer at LittleBits.

In the summer he will go to China for a month (?) to work for AnjiPlay.