Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

Sun Mar 31 2019

She has a crush on Daria. Currently in a relationship with Kelsey Crouch. They went to Cuba together for a week.

At Green Mountain State she did a ton of activities.

She studied Aikido for nine years and it once saved her after a horse threw her off, during her stint as the captain of the equestrian club. She’ll start a job coordinating farmers markets soon. In the mean time she has worked as a valet parker and caterer.


I met her at SGPP.

Her ideal job would combine social good with dance.

She spent two months in Senegal.

She worked as a the chef on a ship for a while. She and her boyfriend briefly owned a boat together.

She went to Green Mountain College.

Friends with Emily Byrne, Tara Byrne, and Steve Dean.

Mon Feb 12 2018

Had a boyfriend from Maine named Tyler. They broke up in November.

Currently works at Taste Collection but wants to quit soon.