Shikan Haramitsu Daikomyo

“Shiken Haramitsu Daikomyo” is a sacred ‘nine-syllable’ Buddhist mantra.

It (conceptually) translates as :

“May the Light in our heart bring the awareness of harmony perceived by spiritual awakening, and bring sincerity, loyalty and faithfulness in what we are achieving.”

or, if you prefer:

“The Wisdom of the Four Hearts leads us to Enlightenment”

The ‘Four Hearts’ ( lit: Four Perspectives) are: The Merciful Heart

  • expresses love for everything The Sincere Heart
  • follows.what is right The Attuned Heart
  • follows the natural order of things The Dedicated Heart
  • holds to the chosen pursuit.

Shiken (four perspectives): is the sensation and the harmony perceived by the sense of hearing and heart.

Haramitsu (-in Sanskrit: Paramita): is Buddha’s Satori or a permanent state of spiritual awaking that transcends the limitations of life and death.

Daikomyo: is the ‘Great Komyo’ - the ‘big bright light’ of illumination - the light of your heart - the Radiance of a Deity (Buddha, Bodhisattva, ‘Vidyaraja’, etc) - the manifest expression of the Light of Wisdom: the means by which illumination “dawns on us.”

“Shikin Haramitsu Daikomyo” Interpretations:

  1. If we will only listen and be ready to learn from our experiences, we will find the wisdom to gain enlightenment.

  2. Kami, sincerity, compassion, naturally devoting oneself to obeying nature – by continually searching for all of these a great light (daikômyô) can appear.

  3. The teaching of the gods shall eternally protect those who are right in heart and body. The sound of words in our reach for enlightenment, creates the divine cosmic light.

  4. Conceptually translated as, “Every experience contains the potential for the enlightenment we seek”.

  5. The phrase has roots in both Japanese and Sanskrit. The SHI of the phrase translates literally as “words”. The KIN translates as “sounds”. The combination has the meaning of “an encounter” or “something that occurs to/at me”. HARAMITSU is the Japanese sound of paramita, a Sanskrit term that roughly translates as “perfection of wisdom.” DAI KO MYO translates as “great bright light” by means of which illumination “dawns on us.”

  6. It’s a reminder for us to be ever mindful, to be ever aware that each one of these moments that make up our life could be that special moment. It’s like putting together one of these jigsaw puzzles. If you are so intent on the puzzle you may not even know that you put the last piece in. (by Stephen Hayes)