Soylent 2

Read my original report on Soylent.

78 days have passed since my initial consumption of Soylent. In that time I have drank 25 day-packages of Soylent. I have half a pitcher (1/2 pack’s worth), 3 packs, and 4 boxes left. So I have a little over 31 packs still.

I did have a few stretches where I stopped Soylent completely, like when I returned to Minnesota and had my family’s delicious home cooked meals. I often eat a “real food” for dinner, or occasionally for lunch, depending on the social circumstances. I average between 1/2 and 2/3 of a pack a day.

I have now learned some strange quirks of Soylent, learned some Soylent hacks, and hit some rough patches.

Soylent can turn black as it oxidizes or rots, whatever it does. Often turns dark brown. Gets rather sludge like. I imagine microbes find it pretty nutritious. I definitely encourage caution when it comes to washing containers. One difficult to clean steel bottle has become a strange little ecosystem of microbes that can survive my freezer. I still have it in there as I would one day like to study it. Perhaps we can form beneficial relations with Soylent digesting microbes. I would not feel surprised to learn that they have taken up residence in my gut and helped my adaptation to the food. The initial gastro-intestinal gas has dramatically decreased since I began.

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