Tactical Notes

% my authority-kf

Kimberly: I’m pretty excited. There’s a new button in glassfrog called My Authority. It helps us think about our tensions before we come to tactical. It helps us track our accountabilities. My authorities, last item, top left of the menu bar. Will help with performance review audit.

% coaches (ek)

Erin: Based on the budget for 2015. We are over budget every month for the last three months on coaches. So we have chosen to constrain the schedule. I consulted with Harms to figure out the best times to have them in. Coaching program had a big budget impact. Just want to be clear about why we made that decision. I know we got marred on feedback about the coaching program change. Want to make sure we present a unified front to coaches. The coaches didn’t do anything wrong, and it wasn’t punishment, simply because we didn’t set up expectations and we just blew through money.

% What is our target? - Sam

Sam: Erin, what’s our target for students entering out program? What target for our cohort size?

Erin: 19 Q1, 20 Q2.

Sam: I feel like I was looking at the numbers a minute ago and they were out of date.

% budget (ek)

Erin: There is a final budget we are still waiting on from our finance department. I have some general budget guidelines that I have to stay in. It doesn’t impact teachers but it does impact the space e.g. hdmi cables. I will issue a loose budget.

% funnel metrics (ek)

Erin: Goes back to what Sam was talking about. Socrates is sourced with data from unreliable sources. We have a funnel metrics meeting that had numbers not congruent with Socrates. Who is incoming from Phase 0 to Phase 1.

Harms: We are trying to build out the teachers schedule and we don’t know how students we will have.

Sam: Harms and I tried to find the numbers by Socrates.

Melissa: The spreedsheet that I just mentioned I can email to U. 2015 Target Spreadsheet

% SOU (ek)

Erin: I was supposed to publish a SOU this week with the other two lead links. Haven’t published it yet because not confident of numbers for phase 0 and phase 1. After getting those numbers a full SOU will be sent.

% feedback (ek)

Erin: I don’t know the message that we have sent to coaches about whether or not we send feedback to them about their specific performance. I feel like we should share that with him as a coach. What message have we sent to them in the past?

Kimberly: I pull out the mentions of coaches and send that out to the coaches after removing negative comments directed at specific individuals.

% Teacer Staffing numbers for late spring - sgh

Harms: I looked at the funnel. I don’t have any way to predict time off or anything after april. We might have people on NT or on vacation. Our schedules have a critical shortfall. Action on lead link to provide updated data.

% rollover pto (ek)

Erin: The last tactical I told U I could provide U with the roll over numbers from last year. I don’t have it yet.

% info sessions (ek)

Erin: We will start hosting monthly info sessions, the first one is next week. Subsequent days will happen on Thursdays so we don’t need a DBCx on that night. In depth tour and explanation of student experience and etc. Some students have offered to come in and speak as panelists. If a teacher could volunteer for that night. If anyone has any other feedback please feel free to communicate it to me.

Zack: I’ll do it.

% Desks / Lounge - sgh (LL NYCt)

Harms: We can choose a lounge or a desk. A teacher’s refractory zone. We will turn the

% W2 - sgh (LL NYCt)

Harms: Would like to put an action on the lead link to communicate to the DBC organization that the W2s were sent late. And several staff and teachers still haven’t received their W2s.

% Kaplan Stres - sgh (LL NYCt)

Harms: Speaking from role as lead link of teacher’s circle. Holiday policy doesn’t jive with our holiday policy.

% NT policy still unclear - sgh (LL NYCt)

Harms: The NT policy still confusing. The short version in the email from Jon was helpful but the detailed instructions were confusing.

% operations update-kf

% IC’s in meetings (ek)

% Thinkful / CM

% When will accountability updates take place in GF? - Sam

% Canceling teachers’ holacratic on the 3rd Friday


% NYC Perspective (Chad)

% CANONICAL data on students? - Sam

Erin: Abi’s working on backoffice right now.

% predicting cohort numbers - sgh

% quiet room - ashi

% actions requested of LL (ek)

% kudos

% canceling nyc tactical on 3rd wk (ek)

% NYC perspective (Chad)

% new nyc teachers ll 90 day review -sgh (<20 sec)

% non teaching staff do not have a quite space-kf