Tara Byrne

Has a sister named Emily Byrne and a brother named Andy Byrne. She has another brother older than her that she doesn’t talk to.

Tue Nov 05 2019

About to go see Tanya’s sister’s son named Jasper in Hawaii. Tanya’s sister got injured so she needs help so she can keep custody of Jasper.

Wed Dec 05 2018

Getting endometriosis surgery soon. Also needs a cardiac ablation.

Working for The Chanda Lair as a facilitator for some of their problems.

Had another friend commit suicide after Frances.

Tue Sep 25 2018

Her mom’s husband named Mr. Schneider sounds like a major creep bag.

She went on a cold camping trip with a virgin partner of hers, they got naked together to stay warm and he probably felt uncomfortable.

She stayed in Seattle for 8 months where she felt pretty miserable. Sometimes feels like she wasted that time. But she had Tanya there.

Mon Sep 24 2018

Breaking up with the meditation teacher after almost three months.

Chad didn’t allow her to have an open relationship. They met at an ethical non-monogamy event, ironically. He hooked up with someone else during their relationship.

Nika also owes her money.

Fri Aug 10 2018

Still dating the meditation teacher. They have opened their relationship. He has some trouble protecting his own boundaries. Tara almost got into a street fight while with him.

Tara plans to buy her dad a car, she has saved up for it. She will go to Olympia and Portland with her dad. Take him to the hospital and such.

Her relationship with Cat has ended.

Sun Jul 15 2018

Met a woman named Cat while dancing who majored in Japanese, has red hair, and teaches children to instruments, also bi.

Sun May 27 2018

Her dad lives in Seattle and Tanya lives in Vermont. She once ran a coliving space in Palo Alto operated by David Landau.

She has Romanian heritage and will take a female mystics course that culminates in an eight day trip to Romania.

Sun Nov 19 2017

She runs Under30Changemakers

Fri Jun 30 2017

Wants to have six kids. Ideally would have two male partners that really love each other.

Her step father abused her younger siblings. Hasn’t spoken to her mom in three years.

Her father treated her mother very well after she cheated on him with her step-father.

She has a stalker named Farhan.

Mon May 15 2017

Amazing human being. I had known of her for a long time before meeting her in person.

Even cooler than I could possibly knew.

Has a life partner named Tanya and a cat named Avery (a rescue cat, similar personality to KitKat

Lived in an intentional community that practiced free love and polyamory. Also did permaculture. They also practiced energy work together.

Has practiced orgasmic meditation.

Very into unschooling.