I am thankful for Daria and all the learning and growing we have been doing together. I am thankful for the kitchen we have to cook together in, a roof over our heads, and the convenience of being in a city with public transit.

Meteor for helping me build this awesome software I am writing with.

Taijutsu. Thanks to James for helping me get more into profile, particularly with my feet. Thanks to Mike for helping me finally get “dropping with the body”. Thanks to Ian and Donovan for helping me make progress in omote gyaku. Thanks to Josh and Ignacio for teaching me and everyone else who has been teaching me. Thanks to Keno and Justin for always taking me back to the basics. And everyone for being super patient with me and exceedingly helpful and encouraging.

Kitkat (our cat), nicknamed Shitshat (pronounced Shi-sha, it’s French, you see) for providing endless amusement.

My coworkers and my great job. Ian White and Neil Capel for founding Sailthru and taking a risk on hiring a college student. Matt Guindin for inspiring me with his generosity and work ethic and leadership. Prajwal Tuladhar for pushing us all to code better and for sharing his great sense of humor. Ann for working on Zephyr when no one else wanted to and providing us with a certain hilarious Sailbot plugin. Taher for undertaking massive refactorings, Melissa for helping me manage commitments. Everyone else at Sailthru (and especially the client support team) for being awesome and kicking ass.

The convenience of this city. The internet for connecting me with people I love. Consciousness with which to experience this embarrassment of riches. Psychedelics and meditation for helping me become the person I am now. My friends from college who helped me through those experiences and were always there for me.

My parents who poured their hearts into raising me, but never coddled me, always expected me to give it my best. My siblings for being awesome kids and an inspiration to me, and despite everything I thought at the time, they were always very well behaved. Andy Wiebe for being my brother from another mother for as long as I’ve known him.

My friends for always being generous with their time and knowledge when I am in need, for sharing laughs and drinks, for doing awesome things that motivate me to improve.

Robert Anton Wilson and Thomas Cleary and Glenn Morris and Daniel Ingram for opening my mind to new worlds of possibility through their lucid writings.

Trader Joe’s for being an awesome place to buy groceries. Amazon for stocking my library at low cost, Google for always making sure I know what I need to.

Chris and Evan for founding hackNY. I can’t express how much I have gained because of this program. Friends, opportunity, and new life. It was truly life changing.

Tea. Apple cider. And potatoes, and stuffing, and green beans, MILK! Cows in general, thanks cows.

Everyone involved in modern computing, I love using my computers, thank you so much for making it happen.

Glorious books! Awesome paper teleporters into alternate dimensions.

Lazy afternoons on holiday.

MongoDB, because however much grief I give it sometimes, it’s still what I know and love for its utter simplicity.

Onions, lavender incense, mirrors, pots and pans. Alarm clocks and waterbottles.

Thankful for the bullet journal system for helping me keep organized, and for airplanes to help me visit my friends and family.