The L Word Ee

Session overview: similar structure to the Waterline EE in terms of introduction and getting the ball rolling.

In a circle the instructors and students each share a time when they felt discrimination. (1-2 minutes per person). After each person speaks the entire circle says, “I love you” directed at that person.

Post activity discussion:

  • Were you surprised that everyone has felt discrimination? Is it any surprise that it is universal?
  • Does it feel good to say, “I love you”? Did it feel good to hear it?
  • Does love counter discrimination? Is love universal?
  • When we love someone do we stop seeing them in terms of arbitrary labels and embrace their full existence?
  • What happens when we discriminate? How did it feel to be discriminated against?
  • Does this help you relate to people who experience more discrimination? Does it give you a strategy for countering discrimination?