Trip Prep

Precious Friend,

Prepare yourself for this experience by feeling well rested. You may find the experience rather tiring and thus more enjoyable if you feel fresh at the outset. The experience will take all day so arrange to feel absolutely free of any and all commitments on your time or attention for the entire day. I find the closing stages of the experience often very valuable and you will not likely wish to break up the session until late in the evening.

Between now and the exploration session I would like you to think over what you consider your main problems. If you have any questions about these to which you would like to find the answers write the questions down in a list. You will find that during the drug experience you may find it very worthwhile to check the list over because then you will likely find the answers.

A day or two after the exploration we will want you to write an account of your experience. This will help you by making it easier to remember later on.

You will notice certain physical symptoms and rather peculiar feelings particularly at the beginning. How you react to these will prove important. You can make them either pleasant and enjoyable or, if you let yourself become alarmed by them, you can make them unpleasant and painful.

You can ensure that they feel pleasant by simply relaxing and enjoying them. For example, you may feel your body becoming weightless. Accept such changes and enjoy them as novel sensations for they will offer you a chance to explore new areas of experience. If you fight against them you not only make them disturbing to yourself but tend to lessen the benefit you can hope to gain through this exploration.

You will find this true of all aspects of the experience which you will experience. Accept what happens and how you feel with as little questioning as you can. Later, after the experience, you will have ample time to think about it and you will recall what you felt and thought. During the exploration itself remember to relax and enjoy the feelings, thoughts, images and sensations for themselves. If during the experience you try to make everything fit into your everyday experience you will cheat yourself both of the good effects of the drug and the pleasure you can find.

At times during the experience you may feel like laughing or crying and you should not try to hold back these expressions of feeling. Nearly everyone who takes the drug finds they feek moved to laughter and to tears several times during the experience. Actually these feelings will bother you less if you accept them as a normal part of the experience and do not try to fight against them.

The day will feel quite informal and we will listen to music, talk about various things, read, look at pictures and so forth. The drug makes music more enjoyable and increases your appreciation of pictures. If you have music you would particularly like to hear or pictures you would like to look at please bring them along. Photographs look very interesting since one seems to understand the pictured people very well and often becomes aware of new aspects of their personalities.

In my experience I find it unlikely that you will feel much like eating during the day but we will have plenty of fruit, chocolate and fruit juice on hand.

The physical symptoms tend to fade away after several hours. However, if you begin to question the reality of the experience or to become dissatisfied with the experience or with yourself or with me or with other people, the experience may become confusing and unpleasant or you may find yourself growing extremely suspicious and afraid. At these times some of the unpleasant physical feelings may return.

During the experience we must trust each other. If you find things becoming unpleasant simply concentrate on the bond of trust and understanding between us and you will find that the unpleasant aspects of the experience will fade away.

Many hours after you take the drug you will feel that the drug effects have largely gone and that the experience has ended. Actually you have adjusted to the drug and during this period we can exchange ideas with remarkable ease.

After about 9 hours the psychological symptoms will all have gone with the possible exception of a slight difficulty in judging distances which may last into the following day. You will most probably feel as though you had gone for some time without sleep and had arrived at the state in which you no longer feel sleepy. You will probably feel physically tired but mentally clear and alert.

At about this time we will have a good meal after which we will discuss matters until we feel we would like to end the session.

I know that you can find this a very valuable experience. I believe you will find nothing concerning about it from the point of view of your health and mental health. Thousands of people have taken it without any ill effects while nearly all of them have found its effects remarkable and wonderful.

The important things to remember:

During the experience accept the novel feelings as real and true. You can question them and apply the usual forms of logic to them at your leisure in the days that follow but for the few hours that the drug has effect simply accept and enjoy them.

To the extent that you trust yourself and trust me the experience will feel pleasant and our understanding and fellowship will feel very close. To the extent that you grow suspicious and withdraw the experience becomes unpleasant and confusing. In this experience you control your own feelings and you can stop the development of these unpleasant aspects by simply concentrating on the level of trust we can have in each other and the bond of affection and understanding which the experience can generate.