YouDamnNerd About Us

Peter Parker, Luke Skywalker, Goku, Naruto Uzumaki, Wade Wilson, Professor Xavier, Bruce Wayne. These characters stand on the shoulders of Zeus, Ra, and the legions of ancient stories that shaped humanity’s hearts and minds.  And now, just like then, we have our Myths, to connect us, teach us, and fill our souls with belief. YouDamnNerd is a place to see past the entertainment value of these stories and let them physically and emotionally change us. Whether U want to biohack like Bruce Banner, employ technology like Tony Stark, practice martial arts like Sasuke, or train hard like Vegata we have what U need to emulate their practices and start your own hero’s journey.

Peter Parker, Luke Skywalker, Goku, Naruto Uzumaki, Wade Wilson, Professor Xavier, Bruce Wayne. They were more than just characters growing up, they made their way into our personalities, they became our religion, they informed how we connected with other people. When alone we’d pick up our light sabers (a stick) and talk to ourselves and fight storm troopers and later those sticks would turn into Trunks’ swords and we could shoot energy blasts out of our hands. We’d use Legos to tell elaborate stories of heroes and villains and everything in between. We consider story the most powerful force on the planet. These stories moved us, changed us, and shaped our growth.

As kids we felt shame about living as nerds. Although never an outcasts we did feel like an outsiders. Our lives included a rich world that we kept inside, hidden out of sight. These days we’ve learned that our nerd tendencies haven’t disabled us but rather morphed us into an effective and intriguing person.

If U identify as a nerd then we believe U can also tap into the inner lessons that U’ve consciously or unconsciously absorbed through your deep engagement with the topics of your nerdery. Transmute your hobby horses into powerful steeds and U’ll find they carry U into a life filled with adventure and love.

If U’ve devoured video games, books, movies, or shows U already have inside U all the archetypes that U need to succeed at the greatest game of all. The most detailed, deepest game played by the most players ever, currently played by over 7.4 billion players: the infinite game called life.

How many hours, if not days or weeks, or even months have U invested in your favorite characters?

Let us show U how to stop walking through life as an NPC and start playing the game of life as the hero U have inside yourself. The ideas that made us nerds in our youth empowers us today.

YouDamnNerd is a community where we become our best selves by learning to use the lessons, skills, and habits of the heroes we obsessed over.